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Valley Concrete provides the best ready-mix concrete mixture in Drayton Valley. We carry concrete admixtures from Sika Canada and Fritz-Pak.




Ready Mixed Concrete is a tailor-made concrete that is manufactured within a batching plant based on the standard required specifications. The prepared concrete mix is then taken to the work site in transit mixers that are mounted over a truck.


Ask for more detail on products that can increase the durability of your concrete, like adding hardners or fibres to your mix. All of our materials conform to C.S.A. standards and annual testing is conducted to ensure the highest level of quality. We offer:

  • Accelerators

  • Hydration stabilizers

  • Plasticizers

  • Hardchem

  • Coloured concrete (interstar colour systems) 

  • Acid stains 

  • Butterfield products for decorative concrete

Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete

Some advantages of ready-mix concrete are:

·         Quality controlled: Ready mix concrete is made to specification and adheres to strict regulations within a mixing plant. You can rest assured that the concrete you are supplied with is consistent and high-quality.

·         Environment-friendly: Due to more efficient mixing methods, cement and waste production are kept to a minimum. Ready-mix concrete also reduces dust pollution, as bulk cement is used rather than bagged.

·         Versatile: Each order of ready-mix concrete is different and specifically tailored to suit each client’s individual requirements.

·         High Speed of Construction: Ready-mix concrete allows for a high speed of construction.

Our concrete is batched through the Jonel computerized batching system, which achieves a high level of consistency in our concrete that we batch.

Browse our services to learn more about our concrete services available. Get in touch with us if you are looking for ready-mix concrete mixture in Drayton Valley .

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