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Valley Concrete (2003) Inc., backed by 45 years of combined experience, is a trusted name in the concrete and gravel supply industry. We have played a significant role in notable ventures throughout Lodgepole and Mayerthorpe, including constructing bridges, large-scale projects, and numerous home foundations.

Our skilled team prides itself on serving various residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients. Our extensive range of concrete products caters to diverse needs. Additionally, we understand the importance of reliable access to high-quality sand and gravel in Drayton Valley. That's why we offer these essential materials to contractors and builders in the area.

We have you covered if you're a contractor looking for dependable sand and gravel supplies. Contact us today to learn more about our products and discuss your specific requirements. Our team is ready to assist you in achieving successful project outcomes in Drayton Valley.

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Valley Concrete (2003) Inc. specializes in the following:

  • Ready-mixed concrete supply for solid and reliable foundations.

  • Construction of durable and visually appealing concrete driveways.

  • Installation of sturdy and level concrete slabs.

  • Expertise in building bridges for safe and efficient transportation.

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Valley Concrete (2003) Inc. specializes in the supply and delivery of various aggregates for construction and landscaping projects in Drayton Valley. Our comprehensive range of sand and gravel products includes:


  • Gravel: Versatile and widely used for driveways, pathways, and landscaping projects.

  • Washed Rock: Clean and washed rock suitable for drainage systems, decorative purposes, and construction projects.

  • Washed Sand: High-quality sand that is thoroughly washed and free from impurities, ideal for construction, masonry work, and concrete production.

  • Road Crush: Crushed aggregate material commonly used as a base for roads, driveways, and parking lots.

  • Pea Gravel: Small, rounded stones often used for decorative purposes, pathways, and landscaping features.

  • Pit Run: Unprocessed gravel or rock directly sourced from a gravel pit, typically used for filling, leveling, and construction purposes.

  • Radon Rock: Specially selected rock material used for radon gas mitigation systems, providing a barrier against radon infiltration.

  • Gabion Rock: Large, durable rocks typically used in gabion walls or structures, providing stability and erosion control.

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Valley Concrete (2003) Inc. offers a wide range of precast concrete solutions for various construction needs in Drayton Valley. Our precast products are designed to provide durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Our precast offerings include:


  • Concrete Blocks: Versatile blocks used for various construction applications, including walls, foundations, and retaining structures.

  • Decorative Blocks: Architectural blocks with unique textures and designs, enhancing the visual appeal of buildings and landscaping projects.

  • Barricades: Sturdy and durable barricades used for traffic control, crowd management, and safety purposes.

  • Corner Barricades: Precast concrete elements specifically designed for corner applications, providing stability and visibility.

  • Pipeline Pads: Concrete pads designed to support and protect pipelines, ensuring stability and preventing damage.

  • Specialty Precast: Customized precast products tailored to specific project requirements, including specialized shapes, sizes, and functionalities.

  • Lego Blocks: Interlocking precast blocks used for creating walls, barriers, and temporary structures, offering flexibility and easy installation.

  • Painted Precast: Precast concrete elements with a painted finish, providing additional aesthetic options and customization.

  • Sale or Rental of Precast Products: We offer both sales and rental options for barricades, blocks, and other precast products, providing flexibility and convenience for your construction projects.




We offer a wide range of concrete supplies for maintenance and care:


  • Cures and sealers to enhance the colour of concrete.

  • Sealers for protecting decorative concrete surfaces.

  • Stamps releases for creating textured patterns.

  • Retarders and deactivators for controlling concrete setting time.

  • Primers for optimal surface preparation.

  • Delimitators for defining boundaries and marking areas.




Valley Concrete (2003) Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of heavy equipment for your construction needs:


  • Skidsteers for versatile material handling and site preparation.

  • Excavators for efficient digging, trenching, and earthmoving tasks.

  • Dozers for precise grading and levelling of land.

  • Loaders for heavy-duty loading and material transportation.

  • Gravel trucks for reliable delivery and transport of aggregates.

  • Concrete trucks equipped for efficient concrete mixing and delivery.

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